In-Store & Curbside Pick Up

Feel free to shop online and pick up your order at our store, on the 2nd floor of Plaza las Américas. 


In-store Pick Up: Come pick up your order, we'll meet you here with your order ready! We are located on the 2nd floor of Plaza las Américas. Near AT&T, Pizza Napolitana, El Churry and Hot Topic. Call us for more information 787-753-1067

Curbside Pick Up: Meet us at the Curbside North area of Plaza las Américas mall. This is near the entrance of Ponte Fresco and JcPenney, first floor of the parking lot. There are designated parking spaces for curbside pick up. When you arrive, call us at 787-753-1067 or 787-403-6562. Specify your name, parking number and model/color of your car. Please, wait in your car and our sales associates will deliver your purchase to you as soon as possible. Have your order receipt in hand just in case the sales associate asks to see it. *If someone will be picking up your order for you, please send them the email confirmation of your order and the emailed instructions for the order. For more information call us at 787-403-6089

We highly encourage you to pick up your order curbside or in-store because the item will be beautifully gift wrapped. Due to the size limitations of a USPS box, the shipped orders don't include most of the gift box options.

For more information call us at